About us

Ariadni’s Art Jewellery was created with the mission of introducing visitors to the marvelous world of art jewellery.

Our passion for art combined with our knowledge of jewellery and an extensive network that encompasses exhibitions and organizations like Athens Jewellery Week and Romanian Jewellery Week have driven us to explore new depths in the realm of jewellery-crafting; and to discover the fascinating niches of Art and Contemporary Jewellery.

While getting in touch and conversing with numerous creators, jewellery connoisseurs of different backgrounds and art aficionados, we were able to identify and pinpoint the difficulties they are facing in distributing their work and promoting their art to a wider audience.

That’s why we decided to create Ariadni’s Art Jewellery: a boutique e-shop dedicated exclusively to connecting independent artists and jewellery makers with people who appreciate Art Jewellery anywhere on the globe.

In our curated collection, you’ll find unique creations made by extraordinary artists for extraordinary people. Our main goal is to guide you through the magnificent world of Art Jewellery and to bring the most exceptional jewellery pieces from the skilled hands of worldwide artists directly to your doorstep.